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Smart Ways To Cut Calories Without Starving

Smart Ways To Cut Calories Without Starving: The secret to a successful diet is to come up with something that's not so horribly unpleasant to stick to that you become instantly disheartened or bored. The right diet then should almost be like a stealth attack, so subtle and well hidden that you hardly even notice you're on one! There are actually lots of smart ways you can cut the amount of calories you're consuming on a regular basis.... Read More

The Secret Weapon To Burn Calories

The Secret Weapon To Burn Calories: If there's one thing that a lot of people miss out on when it comes to losing weight, it's weight training. Unfortunately, the understanding that most people have when it comes to losing weight is that cardio is the only real option. Lifting weights just makes you 'bulky' and has nothing to do with slimming down and cutting flab...right? Wrong! Actually, weightlifting can be an incredibly powerful tool... Read More

How To Stay Consistent With Your Diet

How To Stay Consistent With Your Diet: For a diet to be successful, it needs to be sustainable. It's no good to stick to any diet for just a week because as soon as you come off it any progress will be reset back to zero. Your diet then should be designed to last and even if that means the results are slower coming to begin with, it will be worth it in the long run. Unfortunately though, this is something that a lot of diet books and advisors... Read More

Weight Loss	Super Foods

Weight Loss Super Foods: The term super food has been called into contention somewhat in recent times. Accusations are rife that this is a handy but ultimately nebulous expression used by marketers and that superfoods really aren't so easy to define. That's the official line lately but of course it doesn't change the fact that some foods are just packed with nutrients while also being low in calories or good for us in other ways. These foods can... Read More

How To Motivate Yourself To Keep Training And Stick To Your Diet

How To Motivate Yourself To Keep Training And Stick To Your Diet: If you're trying to lose weight and get into shape, then no doubt you'll have some kind of training program and diet to follow. This is the best way you can structure your efforts such that you will be able to see measured results and it gives you clear and defined goals to try and meet. Only problem is, most training programs and diets aren't exactly fun to stick to. If they were... Read More

Why Not Completely Cutting Carbs From Your Diet

Why Not Completely Cutting Carbs From Your Diet: There was a time when everyone thought that fats were the enemy. Back then, we all focussed on the simple fact that fats contained more calories as well as some evidence suggesting that they might be linked to heart disease and other problems. Indeed, this is the premise that diet plans like Weight Watchers were founded on! But over time, fat has had an image change. For... Read More

How To Motivate Yourself With Shorter Weight Loss Goal

How To Motivate Yourself With Shorter Weight Loss Goal: Setting goals is a fantastic way to motivate yourself, regardless of what it is you're trying to achieve. Of course what you're trying to achieve is a goal in itself but setting shorter goals gives you something that you can aim for in a shorter term and that then means you get the satisfaction of feeling as though you're making progress as you tick things off of your list. This is why... Read More

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