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Smart Ways To Cut Calories Without Starving

The secret to a successful diet is to come up with something that's not so horribly unpleasant to stick to that you become instantly disheartened or bored. The right diet then should almost be like a stealth attack, so subtle and well hidden that you hardly even notice you're on one!

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There are actually lots of smart ways you can cut the amount of calories you're consuming on a regular basis and that you won't likely even notice at the time. These tricks and strategies are the perfect example of a stealth diet, so read on for some of the best ones you can start using today!

Take Crisps Out the Bag

If you like eating crisps or other treats out of party bags, then make sure that next time you do so, you take them out of the bag and decant them into a bowl first. This way, you won't be tempted to eat the entire lot in a single sitting, which many of us are occasionally guilty of.

Get Rid of Fancy Coffees

If you enjoy a fancy coffee a day then you're actually consuming a huge number of calories without realizing it. Cappuccinos and lates are the worst for this. Instead, have an Americano which is actually 0 cal.


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Get Smaller Plates

If you have smaller plates and bowls then you will naturally fill them less and as a result you will start eating fewer calories!

And Smaller Cutlery

Eating more slowly is a very good way to help yourself feel fuller faster. The slower you eat, the more chance your body has to acknowledge that you've eaten and to catch up with your stomach. Getting smaller cutlery is a great way to encourage this!

Stop Drinking Soda Drinks

Fizzy drinks are actually a dieter's worst enemy. These are absolutely packed with sugar and they're really high in calories but it doesn't feel like – meaning that you'll keep drinking them without necessarily realizing how much damage you're doing to your body. Stop drinking fizzy drinks and you should find that you instantly cut your calories by a few hundred a day!

Snack on Celery

Sometimes you just need a quick snack and something to munch on. Next time you're in that position try celery – it has a satisfying crunch but contains zero calories! In fact you burn more calories digesting it than you take in when you absorb it!

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